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Interesting Links For 9/9/08

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The top links for today are…

  1. 50 Ways to Make Your Home More Organized, More Attractive and More Efficient: Clean one room or area a day. This is less daunting than cleaning the whole house, and gives you a clear goal, instead of the “one-more-thing” syndrome that strikes when you get a mind to “do some cleaning”
  2. 3 Start-up Lessons I Know Now, But Wish I Knew Then: Systematize your business — One of the reasons I was unable to set firm prices is that I did not have my processes systematized.  Every service, every deliverable was a “new adventure. ” And it should not have been. I should have been able to say that to do X  project I would follow a defined set of steps that would take X hours.  I strongly recommend writing down the steps that you do for each service you offer.  Only then can you analyze and establish systems.
  3. Storm Pulse Hurricane Tracking: This website allows you to look at the most current information on active storms and historical.  It also allows you to overlay the computer models.  WDSU of New Orleans also has a good site for this here.
  4. 9 Over-The-Top Luxury Swimming Pools:  The world’s most arguably most amazing swimming pool is also the world’s largest swimming pool and artificial lagoon according to the Guinness World Records. Located in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this pool actually dwarfs many natural lakes that attract visitors throughout the world. It contains a breathtaking 66 million gallons of water and blankets eight hectares of earth. This artificial lagoon and swimming pool is 1km in length and measures 100 feet deep (35 meters) in depth, while remaining as transparent as fine crystal from top to bottom.
  5. Dan Rather Talking About The Problem With The Media: Interesting hearing this from some one who comes from the “main stream media.”  Its about 7 minutes and worth a listen if you have time.


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