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Interesting Links For 9/10/08

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The top links for today are…

  1. 10 Comedies From The 90’s I Couldn’t Stop Quoting: There are just so many lines to take from this movie. One I used just yesterday was “Speaking of no one’s looking…” My Favorite lines: “You know where the weight room is?” “Got That?” “It has to be your bull.”
  2. The New Libertarian Century: I loved the article, short, concise and on-point.  Nice work Kelse Moen of the Emory Wheel. “It would be hard to find a more striking contrast between Paul’s convention and the RNC. The latter was never anything more than a rehearsed recitation of talking points impressive only for their monumental vapidity.”
  3. Paulson’s Quick Draw: The original idea that gave birth to Freddie and Fannie, which is to make housing more affordable to average Americans, should now be seen as farcical. Their new goal is to keep housing prices high. Absent Freddie and Fannie, housing prices would fall sharply and the mortgage market would stabilize. Americans would once again be able to buy affordable houses with mortgages they could actually repay – just like their grandparents did.
  4. Uncle Sam: $407 Billion In The Hole: The spending hike is partly due to efforts by the government “to cover the insured deposits of insolvent financial institutions,” the agency said.  Makes me sick.
  5. Jim Rogers: Socialism For The Rich:  Only North Korea and Cuba are more socialist then the United States according to Jim Rogers.

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