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Interesting Links For 9/17/08

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Top links for today are…

  1. Interesting Job:  (Image) Its a little graphic, job description, “Elephant Poop Diver” I don’t even know how to imagine what this man is experiencing.
  2. Big Risk: Surging Debt Makes U.S. More Dependent On China, Russia and Gulf States: But there’s an even bigger financial institution with greater debt and an increasing level of bad loans on its books: The U.S. government.
  3. Mega GTD Resource List: Getting Things Done is an action management method created by David Allen, and described in a book of the same name. Both “Getting Things Done” and “GTD” are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Getting Things Done Mega GTD resource list rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally. That way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks.
  4. Hand Art Painting By Mario Mariotti: Today’s inspiration comes from Mario Mariotti (1936-1997), an Italian artist from Florence, famous for his amazing hand painting art.
  5. Do Hurricanes Cause Shortages?: A “shortage” occurs when the amount of a good demanded exceeds the amount of a good supplied at the prevailing price. In other words, shortages happen when the price is too low. The market mechanism fixes this automatically by moving us forward along the supply curve and backward along the demand curve until we reach a price at which the quantity supplied and the quantity demanded are again equal.

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September 17, 2008 at 2:41 am

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