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Interesting Links For 9/22/08

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Top links for today are…

  1. Ron Paul Saw This Financial Mess Coming: “[The line of credit] helps the GSEs attract investors who are willing to settle for lower yields than they would demand in the absence of the subsidy,” Paul testified. “Thus, the line of credit distorts the allocation of capital. More importantly, the line of credit is a promise on behalf of the government to engage in a huge unconstitutional and immoral income transfer from working Americans to holders of GSE debt.”
  2. Jonathan Haidt: The Real Difference Between Liberals And Conservatives: Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we’re left, right or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most.
  3. Warehouse Worker Beats Lebron James In Horse: David Kalb, a warehouse worker from La Habra, California, won a contest to compete against Lebron James in a game of H-O-R-S-E. Using some bizarre trick shots and benefiting from some lucky misses by Lebron, Kalb managed to win.
  4. How To Live Life To The Max With Beginners Mind: I’m an expert at many things. And I’m sick of it. Being an expert, that is. Because being an expert is boring. That’s why I started kite surfing a few month ago. I wanted to be a beginner again. Kite surfing looks easy – until you try it. The challenge is to control both kite and board. A kite is unpredictable.
  5. This Bail Out Won’t Be The Last: The people who had been making profits for all these years and dealing in all of this debt creation and derivatives—that now is becoming unwound—are claiming that it would be so painful if somebody went bankrupt and therefore we have to put so much burden on the taxpayer and on the dollar because the alternative is worse.

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September 21, 2008 at 9:43 pm

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