Benjamin Montgomery

Interesting Links For 9/23/08

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Top links for today are…

  1. Ron Paul On The Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer: (video) Ron Paul explains what is actually happening with our economy and the bad medicine we are eventually going to have to swallow.
  2. Top 25 Blog Posts For Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR: This is very much a work-in-progress with lots of tweaking still to do, including additions to the list. But it’s a start and will, hopefully, turn out to be of interest and use to the general reader of advertising, marketing, media & PR (with some of the posts covering niche topics, as well).
  3. Accomplishing More By Doing Less (But Thinking More): Zen teacher Marc Lesser offers some great advice on how to put more things on your “not to-do list” and accomplish your goals without getting caught up in meaningless busy-ness. This talk, which happened at the Google campus back in January, is lengthy at almost an hour, and some folks might find it a bit woo-woo.
  4. Best Of The Best High Five Winners: Our Hive Five feature series answers the most frequently asked question we hear at Lifehacker: “What’s the best tool for the job?” In the past six months, we’ve covered the five best tools in a number of categories…
  5. Incredible Rolling Bridge: Rather than a conventional opening bridge mechanism, consisting of a single rigid element that lifts to let boats pass, the Rolling Bridge gets out of the way by curling up until its two ends touch.

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