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Interesting Links For 10/27/08

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Top links for today are…

  1. Visualizing Uncle Sam’s Debt: Most Americans have debt.  Mortgages aside,  43% of US households spend more than they earn in a year.  It is no wonder that the median household has a balance of over $2,000 on their credit cards.  The average balance is over $8,000, but that is skewed by a small number of less-than-thrifty individuals.
  2. 25 Greatest Movie Soundtracks:  In many ways, a film’s soundtrack is every bit as important as the actors, dialog and everything else that go into making a movie. Imagine if, instead of “Stayin’ Alive,” John Travolta strutted through the opening sequence of Saturday Night Fever to the sounds of “Anarchy In the UK.” OK, bad example, because that would have been pretty awesome also, but still, totally different movie if that happens. Here is a look at 25 of the greatest film soundtracks of all time.
  3. If Chinese Democracy Get’s Released Everyone Gets Dr. Pepper:   Soda manufacturer Dr Pepper promised a free soft drink to everyone in America if Guns N’ Roses releases its long-awaited Chinese Democracy album before the end of 2008.


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