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Advice For The Next Mayor of New Orleans: 10 Points

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Moving forward there are a few words of advice I would like to give the next mayor of New Orleans.  (no need to waste any breath on the current administration)

Keep it simple.


  1. Lower the added cost of living and doing business in Orleans Parish
  2. Concentrating on improving basic infrastructure, roads, levees, sewage, electrical grid.
  3. Reduce all impediments to development.
  4. Do not solve problems with government force that can be solved through property rights and contracts.  All you end up doing is creating more political fiefdoms.
  5. Ruthlessly enforce violent crimes and property rights violations.
  6. Let the free market for education continue to grow.  Public money toward education should simply flow to the school the child and parents choose to attend.
  7. Do not restrain creativity and do not fear creative destruction (scary term).
  8. Liquidate unneeded government assets into the private domain to reduce taxes and create an infrastructure fund.
  9. Do not unfairly punish one industry or unfairly reward another.  Allow the market to determine the proper allocation of our resources.
  10. Create absolute transparency in the allocation of funds through political organizations.

A Mayor that would concentrate on these 10 things would see New Orleans prosper as it never has in its entire history.  Who’s going to be our man(woman) in 2010?

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December 16, 2008 at 3:07 pm

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