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504ward Launches $100,000+ Business Plan Competition

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Last night to a packed house at Tipitinas 504ward announced their business plan competition. The applications are do by 5:04 pm on December 4th.

Here are more details:

“One winner will be selected out of 5 finalists who are flown to New Orleans, if not already in the region. Three different committees will evaluate the applicants during various stages of the competition and the final decision will be made, in part, by an audience of 23-35 year olds in New Orleans.

Resources for winning entrepreneur:

1. $100,000 cash prize
2. Strategic business consulting and customized execution plan with The Idea Village
3. Professional services and resources (office space, web development, legal, marketing, website optimization, PR, advertising, etc.)”

All information can be found here.  Also they created an inspirational video that can be viewed below.


Written by benmont1981

September 26, 2008 at 7:43 am