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And Here’s The Problem

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I watch the headlines in my RSS feed every morning to almost comical delight.

I see that AIG is going to lose something like $62 Billion in a single quarter.(that would be some kind of record)

Then I see government rush in to bail them out with money they themselves do not have.

Then I see that AIG pays the very employees, that clearly contributed to its losing $62 billion, millions of dollars in bonuses. (wish I could be compensated as well, heck we don’t even lose money)

Then the public gets furious and so the politicians react and say they will stop at nothing to block the bonuses. Now there is a bill in place to tax AIG employees 100% of their bonuses.

I mean WHAT THE F*&^!!!!

Have we really elected these people? Are we really going to let them continue to govern us? Do we not understand how this horrible political problem solving will eventually lead us to a society devoid of any certainty beyond the whim of political fancy?

The problem is not that AIG gave bonuses. The problem is that the Federal Government gave them money.

And now the BIGGER problem is that the politicians think it is wise to devise a 100% tax that discriminates individual companies. (we have long discriminated on individual industries)

What’s next some bright politician thinks that executives at Tobacco companies should not make above $100,000 so they tax 100% of income above that?

The crux of the problem we have a public (and thus politicians) that think in terms of majority (populism) rule. And beyond that we make our popular opinions off of 60 second sound bites and not sound logic. We have lost our way from a principled approach to law making that values the rights of the individual, and replaced it with the tyranny of public opinion.

When we get back to the understanding that individuals have a right to determine there own fate and the fate of their property… I won’t have to wake up in the morning and laugh at the next headline in our political soap opera of insanity.

Until then we can continue to substitute American Idol for American Government for they both operate on the populist vote.

– Snoop Anoop


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March 19, 2009 at 8:39 am

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