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The Childish Rebuttal to The Tea Party Protests: Teabagwashing

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I am not sure these comments from the media even deserve a blog post, but this needs to be said.

So apparently someone has decided that the best way to discredit the Tea Party Protests is to refer to them as “Tea Baggings.” For those of you who are unaware “Tea bagging” is a term used to describe a sexual act. Though its main purpose in the past has been to make middle school boys giggle.

Now it is a apparently also a term the current administration is trying to use to illegitimate one of the largest nationwide protests this country has seen. They think if they call it a funny term they can deflect the real issue at hand.

The issues driving these protests are at the core of America’s founding principles. Ideas like economic freedom, sound money, free speech and limited Federal Government. It has nothing to do with “Tea bagging” as funny as that term sounds.

However, it seems that some would rather change a term used by the founding fathers of our country to ignite the American Revolution into giggle fodder for Keynesian Liberals.

My recommendation is to ignore it when possible and call them out on what they are doing when you can. Challenge them to enter a real discussion about our economic, domestic and foreign policy.

In the mean time let’s leave the school yard jokes for recess not political debates about the direction of our country. I think in these times legitimate protests of this size should be honestly addressed and reported on.

Here is an example of the “Teabagwashing” in the media:


Written by benmont1981

April 15, 2009 at 7:30 am